Cambridge Sidney Sussex (Student Life)

Accommodation: Guaranteed for 3 years; some married accommodation and graduate rooms.

Eating: Not very good value - very touristy. Not many takeaways. Nadia's Patisserie, good sandwiches (open Sundays).

Drinking: College bar cheap. Lots of pubs nearby including The Regal (Britain's biggest pub). Carlsberg-Tetley beers good.

Nightlife: University theatre (ADC) nearby, weekly productions. Arts Cinema nearby - excellent variety. Bops organised by different colleges and advertised throughout. Some good nightclubs including the Fez within 5 mins of college.

Sports: Cambridge town sports centre relatively expensive. No great skill required to play sport at college level. Wide variety of sports available - emphasis on fun. College gym just opened.

Travel: For vacation travel small amount (about £100) available quite easily for second years. £300 for 'deserving cases'.

Financial help: Fund of £7500 a year, administered by tutors.

Jobs: Very few students get paid work during term (difficult, given lack of time). Few people get local work in holidays; some jobs available in college, ie housekeeping, maintenance.

Good news: Internet connections in all rooms; new college gym.

More info: Enquiries to President SSCSU, Tel 01223 338860.

Past students: John Patten, David Thomson, C T R Wilson, C F Powell, David Owen, Oliver Cromwell, Asa Briggs, Carol Vorderman (Countdown).