Cambridge Magdalene (Student Life)

Accommodation: All live in.

Eating: Hall is good value; meal for £1.80+ (£3.20 in Formal Hall). Beware of fixed kitchen charge. paid by everyone however often (or not) they eat in college. Locally - Teri-Aki (£8-£12), Cafe Uno (£6-£8), Galleria (£7-£10).

Drinking: Reasonable college bar. The Pickerel is the Magdalene pub; also The Maypole, The Mitre.

Nightlife: Limited in college (cheap, plentiful ents from bar quizzes to club nights); unlimited in university. Ballare, Life and Coco's are popular clubs. Multi-screen cinema in town.

Locals: Problems rare. Area around Magdalene fine for students.

Sports: Facilities - excellent and free at college/university level for major field sports, playing fields, squash and most others.

Travel: Good scholarships - especially the Power Scholarship to Michigan and the Mandela Scholarship for South African students. Endowment increasing to give more funds for individual travel.

Financial help: College is poor (by local standards) but readily helps out those in need of financial assistance.

Jobs: No term-time work allowed officially.

Annual living costs: The minimum amount students say you need to live on each year (covering all living expenses but excluding tuition fees) is £4250.

Best features: Close community; great ents.

Worst features: Poor cooking facilities.

Good news: Sky TV, pool table and improvements in the bar.

More info: Contact JCR President at the college, jcr.president(at)

Past students: Lord Ezra, Lord Justice Cumming-Bruce, Professor J Boardman, Sir Michael Redgrave, Lord Ramsay, Nick Estcourt, Gavin Hastings, Anthony Jay, Bamber Gascoigne, Samuel Pepys, I.A. Richards, Charles Kingsley, Lord Pilkington, Jonathan Ridgeon, William Burt, Viscount Melia, Lord Derby, Prince Szudek (of Poland), Rob Wainwright, John Simpson, George Mallory.