Christ's (Detailed Info)

Founded: 1448; women undergraduates first admitted 1978.

Admission: Pre A-level, by matriculation or conditional offers; some places offered on A-level results, school reports and interview.

Scholarships: Unlimited number of scholarships (£100) mainly awarded on results of university examinations (approx 100). Study abroad: 60 students learn a language or spend time abroad.

Travel grants: Approx 100 available each year (£60-£1000).

Library & information service: Modern college working library; old library with antiquarian collection; separate law library. IT facilities open 24 hours/day, ratio 1:6 workstations to students. 10 points with access to library, 50 to internet (plus points in all college rooms). IT courses on request.

Eating arrangements: Choice of formal or informal meals. Facilities charge of £101 per term, plus meals taken at cost: breakfast £2, lunch £2.50. dinner £2.50.

Gate/guest hours: None.

Other college facilities: Theatre, concert hall, auditorium, playing fields, boathouse, squash courts, and modern public rooms. Medieval dining hall. Chapel.

Accommodation: All students in college: £70 per week average, term-time only. No first degree students live at home.

Term-time work: College does not allow term-time work.

Financial help: £55,000 college own funds, 40% of students helped according to need. £60,000 available for international students prior to course, approx 15 helped.