Cambridge Corpus Christi (Student Life)

Accommodation: Guaranteed for whole course; 4 college hostels. Rents relatively cheap.

Eating: College food relatively expensive but good quality. Vegetarian choices. Many other local places, varied prices. Drink: Good college bar; other college bars and several pubs nearby.

Nightlife: Lots of student drama and music, college film socs, variety of active orchestras; college bops. ADC Theatre. Big names to Corn Exchange nearby.

Locals: Traditional town/gown problems improving.

Sports: Good college facilities; everyone encouraged to join in regardless of abilities.

Travel: College travel grants, in particular the Lazard award for research in France.

Jobs: Not permitted in term-time.

Best features: Friendly atmosphere and small size makes it easy to get involved in sport, drama, music etc.

Worst features: Some find it claustrophobic.

More info: Write to JCR President, at the college.

Past students: Christopher Marlowe, Christopher Isherwood, Sir Frederick Lawton (Lord Justice of Appeal), Lord Sieff (Marks & Spencer), Sir Eric Faulkner (Lloyds Bank), Mark Elder, Joe Farman (discoverer of hole in ozone layer), Christopher Booker (journalist/writer), E P Thompson (historian/nuclear disarmer).