Cambridge Corpus Christi (Detailed Info)

Founded: 1352; women undergraduates first admitted 1983.

Admission: Primarily based on public examination results, school report and interview.

Scholarships: Awarded to those already in residence on the basis of academic performance. Organ and choral scholarships also available.

Library & information service: Butler Library (working undergraduate library); Parker Library (medieval and anglo-saxon manuscripts and early books). IT and library services converged. 15-20 computers, access 24 hours for keyholders; 2 points with access to library, 18 to the internet plus all student rooms; IT support from computer officer.

Travel grants: Considerable sums annually.

Eating arrangements: All meals provided in hall and/or bar.

Gate/guest hours: Entry after 11 pm by key.

Other college facilities: Extensive sports grounds; 7-acre garden with open-air swimming pool; river boathouse; craft and music rooms: strong music and drama activities.

Accommodation: All students in college accommodation (sets and single rooms), mostly around £490 per term plus meals; allow £3500 pa to live in college. No first degree students live at home.

Term-time work: No work in term-time. Some bar work in college and domestic work in vacs.

Financial help: Generous provision of access funds and hardship support for those in need.